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Ketapp understands your textbooks learning objectives & helps you achieve them

Simple on the outside
Sophisticated on the inside

These are some of KETAPP's Great Features. Explore the possibilities...

OneNote Integration

Take notes on the fly into OneNote and quote it in your paper


Increase your knowledge. Look up a term on wikipedia without leaving the app.

Books Can Speak

Ketapp can read any passage to you, even in a foreign language.

Bing Integration

The World is yours, Search on any part from books with Microsoft Bing


Any language is yours with Bing Translate.

Windows Store

KetApp is Available on Windows Store.

Your books live in the Cloud

Easily access all your data anytime from any device!

Your data is safe with us

Sign in using your Office 365 account and take learning anywhere with you!.

Ketapp is social too

Copy a difficult passage to your Facebook status to ask your friends for help. Or discuss the chapter with your classmates on your school’s Yammer.

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We 've worked with many serious brands in the industry.

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